Nationality: British

Age: 24

Races entered: 45

Wins: 5

Podiums: 14

First race: Cars - 2013 Clio cup at Rockingham- 2nd with fastest lap. Karting - 2005 at Sandown Park

Favourite car: Lykan Hypersport

Favourite track: Snetterton

Racing hero: Michael Schumacher

Proudest moment: Winning the British Open Championship

Life ambition: To win a race at Monaco at the highest level of motorsport


Jessica Hawkins is a British racing driver with that not only has a successful racing career, but has also been a stunt driver for Fast and Furious Live and other motoring events.

Jessica’s career highlights include finishing second in the Mini Challenge Great Britain in 2017.

What motivated you to get into motorsport?

As I was very sporty as a kid time spent with my Dad was all about trying a variety of new activities and I spotted the kart track at Sandown Park whilst on the golf course. I begged him to let me have a go but had to wait until I grew to the minimum height restriction which seemed for ever! But I never forgot, and as soon as I was let loose in one I absolutely was hooked and never wanted to do anything else. My Dad did a bit of racing in his teens and early twenties so when he realised I was pretty good at it he was happy to encourage me and it all took off from there.     

What advice would you give to girls thinking about getting into motorsport?

Simple – just go for it, and don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not for the girls!, although thankfully old stereotypes are quickly disappearing and we have more and more females participating, and it has to be said, competing successfully.

Girls can!

What would it mean to you to win the W Series title?

It’s really hard to put that into words. When you look back and appreciate the utter dedication and commitment that the whole family has put in over the last 15 years, the sacrifices, the roller-coaster of highs and lows, the various sponsors, individuals and supporters that put faith in me – I guess it would validate all of those things, a great way to say a huge thank you to them all, and best of all, allow me to continue to compete and develop my motorsport career. 

Just being a part of the W Series is an honour and a privilege but to win the inaugural championship title would be mind-blowing!