Nationality: American

Age: 24

Races entered: 16

First race: Kid kart (50 Comer) at Grand Junction Motor Speedway

Favourite car: Road: Koenigsegg One:1 or Porsche 919 Race: Renault R25 F1 Car or Mercedes Hybrid F1 Car

Favourite track: Karting: GJMS & Musselman Honda Circuit Car: Laguna Seca

Racing hero: Ayrton Senna, Lyn St. James, Alan Rudolph, Alex Zanardi

Proudest moment: Winning my first TAG World Championship in 2007, Winning the 2012 Pro Tour National Championship, and Winning the 2018 Infiniti Engineering Academy.

Life ambition: To become an IndyCar driver and an F1 Race Engineer.


Sabré Cook is an American racing driver from Colorado with nearly fifteen years of experience in karting, formula cars and sports cars.

Sabré began driving at the young age of eight, and as her passion grew, she started racing competitively at the age of ten.

What motivated you to get into motorsport?

My father used to race motocross and supercross professionally but he and my mom didn’t want my brother and I racing motorcycles, so we got into karting instead.

What advice would you give to girls thinking about getting into motorsport?

For the girls thinking of getting into motorsports go for what you want, and don’t let the fear of failing hold you back. It’s not going to be easy, and there will be more highs than lows. Believe in yourself. Learn from every opportunity and keep everything in perspective. Positivity is a choice. Embrace every event, even if it seems less than ideal, there is always something to be gained.  

But most of all NEVER GIVE UP!

What would it mean to you to win the W Series title?

Winning the W Series would be everything to me. W Series is the opportunity that’s given me a second chance at a dream. I’m going to work harder than ever to make that dream a reality.