Nationality: Hungary

Age: 18

Races entered: 32

Podiums: 3

First race: 2014 Suzuki Swift Cup Europe

Favourite car: Audi SQ7

Favourite track: Hungaroring

Proudest moment: Becoming a member of Audi Sport Racing Academy in 2016. Vice and Rookie Champion in Audi Sport Seyffarht R8 LMS.

Life ambition: Represent Hungary in the highest class of motorsports.


Vivien Keszthelyi is a Hungarian racer and W Series Reserve Driver.

Vivien’s career highlights include coming second in the Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup.

What motivated you to get into motorsport?

My parents took me for a race weekend and directly I had the feeling while I was watching races that I want to feel the same adrenaline as the drivers had and after all I didn’t stop begging to my parents to let me try out a race car and when I had the chance since that moment they couldn’t stop me.

Who is your inspiration and why?

I admire all the drivers who got into the highest level of motorsport and that’s my goal too. I will do everything to get there as a girl and prove that girls can reach there too.

What advice would you give to girls thinking about getting into motorsport?

My advice would be that who wants to enter into the motorsport world for sure needs to be hard and never let anyone destroy their dreams. It doesn’t matter if she wants to be and engineer, mechanic or driver she always has to prove that she has a goal in her mind and she won’t stop until she will reach there and even if she will fail once it doesn’t matter it’s the end. It will show that she comes back from it even stronger.

What would it mean to you to win the W Series title?

For sure would be amazing to win in W Series but motorsport is not as easy as we think. Anytime can happen a failure that costs us to skip a race and maybe end of the year in the points will shown that if the failure wouldn’t have been there than I would be first. But also not only a failure can costs losing points in championship because everyone wants to be first and everyone will fight for the first place and maybe sometimes it means there will be a race collision and we can also lose points there… If I would win the W Series for sure would help me to build me up to my goal closer.