Beitske Visser on life in lockdown

Beitske Visser reveals how cycling and jigsaws are helping her cope with an unusually long stint at home in Holland, but our 2019 championship runner-up is resisting the chocolate… for now.

How’s life in Holland right now?

I live in Sneek, a small city in northern Holland, with my sister and her boyfriend. We’ve been in lockdown since the middle of March but we’re all healthy and getting on well. We’ve been very lucky here compared to other parts of Holland, and other countries, as there aren’t many coronavirus cases in our region so the rules aren’t very strict. Some things are closed, like restaurants, and people are keeping their distance, but we can still go out. Our parents live next door so it is nice that we can see them. The weather has been great for the past couple of weeks so that is helping to lift the mood which seems to be pretty positive here. 

How has your daily routine changed?

I am used to travelling a lot so I would normally spend more days of the year away from home than at home. Racing is my job so when I’m at home I just like to train and relax. That’s the same now, but I’m used to doing that for only two or three days before flying off somewhere to race again. This has been six weeks, so it does feel very odd, but I’m keeping busy. I’ve watched a lot of Netflix series and I’m also doing lots of jigsaws. My grandad loved doing them and I’ve caught the bug – I’m on to my fourth 1,000-piece puzzle of the lockdown. I find it relaxing.

Have you had to adapt your training? 

Usually I would go to the gym two or three times a week to do strength training, but the gym is closed and I don’t have any equipment at home so I’m just having to rely on my own body weight to maintain that as best I can. Otherwise it’s pretty similar. We’re allowed to go out cycling, which I have always loved doing lots of anyway, so that’s been a great escape during this time. I work a lot on my neck muscles at home, so I’ve been able to dedicate plenty of time to strengthening those too. I’m also practising lots on the simulator at home which has been great and I’m maintaining a healthy diet. I’m quite surprised as I thought I might have succumbed to the chocolate by now!

How much are you missing racing?

It’s difficult to explain how much! I haven’t been in a racing car since January so I just can’t wait to go again. But everyone is in the same position and I can only control myself, so I’m just focused on training as much as I can while I have the time. When we go racing again the schedule is going to be packed so you have to make sure you’re super fit from the start.

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