Catching up with our champion

This weekend W Series’ reigning champion, Jamie Chadwick, is competing in the first round of the Formula Regional European Championship, at Misano. Racing with Prema Powerteam, Jamie will be attempting to earn herself some Super Licence points over the course of the season, in the hopes of getting a step closer to her ultimate goal of racing in Formula One.

We caught up with her a few weeks ago to hear her reflections on her W Series journey, and how it has shaped her career so far.

You took part in round one of the W Series Esports League, but then had to drop out with very good reason. Tell us what you’ve been up to.

It’s all kicked off again for me. Like you say, I did the first race of the W Series Esports League and really enjoyed it, but quite quickly after I got some amazing news that I had a seat in the Formula Regional European Championship with Prema, off the back of getting some new support and backing from Rodin Cars. It all went from zero to a hundred really quickly; the test programme started pretty promptly. The last few weeks have been unbelievable for me – I’ve only just got back from Italy.

How do you think W Series helped you with everything coming your way now?

Honestly hugely. W Series has been the biggest single springboard of my career to date. If you look at where I was heading before W Series, compared to the position I’m in now the difference is huge. The exposure that came with winning last year has given me the opportunities I have now. In the middle of last year I got the Williams development role, which is an amazing example of the opportunities that have come my way. It really is all credit to W Series and what I was able to achieve with them in the first year.

You’ve been keeping an eye on the W Series Esports League – it will come as no surprise to you that Beitske Visser has so far dominated the league table.

No surprise, no. She was one of my fiercest rivals last year so it’s really cool to see her doing well. We’ve [the drivers] all said before she’s so good on the simulators, as well as being incredibly committed – so she deserves to succeed after all the hard work she’s been putting in. I’ve really enjoyed watching the Esports League – it’s great to see how everyone’s faring, and to see some of the new drivers coming through. It’s certainly been providing some entertainment over this period!

We wish Jamie the best of luck on Sunday.

For further information on the new W Series Esports League, including race calendar and how to watch, visit our Esports page.