My Job in 60 Seconds – Driver & Operations Coordinator

There is a role in motorsport for everyone, ranging from engineering, and marketing, to operations. Whatever your passion, there’s a job to match.

What goes into co-ordinating 18 drivers to and from 10 races per season? Meet our Driver & Operations Coordinator, Evelina as she takes you through her role, in and out of a race weekend.

What does your job involve?

My job involves all the behind the scenes activity with the drivers, making sure they are where they need to be on time and with the right kit. I work closely with the comms team to ensure that all the drivers are ready for any media arrangements, and with the social and partners teams for activations.

What’s you role like during the off season?

During the off season I spend most of my time making all the necessary arrangements for drivers for the rest of the season, or for any testing or appearances. It involves a fair amount of paperwork and working with the operations teams to make sure the correct flights are booked and answering any queries the drivers have.

Why W Series?

The reason I wanted to work at W Series is the whole mission statement. You want to be what you see. If young girls are seeing famous and successful female athletes and racing drivers in those upper echelons of the sport, that will encourage more and more young drivers to come through and ultimately see more women on the grid.