W Series Qualifiers Hit The Big Screen

Videos from our 55

Qualifiers Revealed

After revealing our 55 qualifier drivers to world on Wednesday November 28, lots of W Series friends and fans have asked to find out more about each of these pioneering women vying for a chance on our 2019 race grid. In the first of many stories, videos and moments with our 55, this film features a selection of qualifiers who took time out from their busy racing and training schedules to create a short video introducing themselves and why they’re happy to be a part of the W Series programme.

Autosport Awards 2018

Next on the qualifiers’ agenda was the glittering 2018 Autosport Awards event that took place in London on Sunday December 2. Six drivers, Alice Powell (UK), Shea Holbrook (USA), Naomi Schiff (Belgium), Emma Kimilainen (Finland), Stephane Kox (Netherlands) and Vicky Piria (Italy), had been chosen as ambassadors to represent all the W Series qualifiers. The event was a great success as W Series once again made history by being the first female-only table at the event.  

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