W Series supplied with Waterbox 100% recyclable water cartons

At the show-stopping double-header season finale in Austin, USA, W Series was supplied with 100% recyclable water cartons by WaterBox LLC. WaterBox LLC created bespoke W Series branded sustainable paperboard cartons that were printed using natural inks that are kind to the environment. 

WaterBox’s goal is to reduce the impact of single serve plastics in order to disrupt the flood of plastic waste in the environment. The production of the cartons follows sustainable methods; the cartons are made, on average, from 95% wood fibre in the form of paperboard and all the wood is sourced from sustainable or responsible forest standards.

W Series branded WaterBox cartons

As a mission-led organisation W Series is not only focused on promoting women in motorsport but is also committed to ensuring that the sport is more sustainable in all areas. One of the simplest ways to lower environmental impact over a race weekend is to reduce the use of single serve plastics. 

WaterBox LLC and W Series share a goal to improve social impact, and the bespoke water cartons kept W Series drivers, staff and guests hydrated – without harming the planet – on what proved to be a scorching weekend.