About the team

Community Owned Race Team DAO (CortDAO) is built around a community of motorsport fans and crypto pioneers who want to drive social change and push for reform in motorsports.

 CortDAO operates as a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, which is controlled by its members or ‘community’. Its financial transactions are maintained on a blockchain.

 To embrace emerging NFT markets and allow participation of fans big or small, CortDAO will offer online community members an opportunity to subscribe and purchase tokens that will be converted into a portion of the sponsorship of the team and W Series shares. Token holders are granted a percentage share of team ownership and will be increasingly involved in all Team decisions. The higher the number of Tokens owned, the greater percentage of voting rights an individual member receives.

 CortDAO is the first ever internet-team that allows online community members to part-own a motor racing team. It intends to initially crowdfund the team in its entirety then accrue additional revenue by collaborating with sponsors that are equally invested in supporting the incredibly talented female drivers of W Series.

CortDAO will engage sporting fans in a whole new way while allowing W Series and to explore various new online opportunities including virtual worlds.


Team News