As we take to the Lausitzring circuit for the first time, our cars will be adorned with their final race-ready liveries, complete with each driver’s name, flag and race number.

The motive behind names and flag choices may be obvious, but drivers pick their race numbers for very different and interesting reasons.

From lucky numbers to birthdays and inspirational meaning, we find out just exactly why and how our official racers picked their numbers.

#55 Jamie Chadwick

“It’s the number I’ve used throughout my whole career.”

#37 Sabre Cook

There are many reasons for Sabre’s number of choice:

“My favourite numbers are 3, 1 and 7 and I can’t run 317 so 37 is the variation I like.

“My first kart number and basketball number were 3. Many of my championships were won with 317 or 37. 31 was my father’s racing number so it’s close to his and the numbers 3 & 7 are significant numbers in the Bible.”

#19 Marta Garcia      

Marta has liked the number 19 since she was young.

#49 Megan Gilkes

“I have also been racing with the number 49 for the past couple of years.”

A simple but effective choice from Canadian racer, Megan.

#2 Esmee Hawkey     

“My birthday is 2nd March and 2 is also one of my lucky numbers.”

Twice as many celebrations!

#21 Jessica Hawkins  

#67 Shea Holbrook    

“My father and I ran 67 and 68 early in my career, it’s a number that resonates with my father’s past military career and its solely the only racing number I’ve ever had. Because it’s the only racing number I’ve had, it provides significance to my fans and supporters.”

#7 Emma Kimilainen 

Finnish tradition fuels Emma’s thinking:

“It has always been my lucky number. For some reason Finnish racers frequently use the race number 7. For example, Kimi Räikkönen has number 7 and Valtteri Bottas uses number 77.”

#85 Miki Koyama      

“The Japanese pronunciation of eight is ‘Hachi’ and the Japanese pronunciation of five is ‘Go’. If you put these together, it makes the word Hachi-Go which is the name of the Honda CEO who has helped me in my career.”

#26 Sarah Moore

“I couldn’t have number 13 (my lucky number), when I first started racing cars, so thought 26 would be double the luck of 13. I then went on to win my first ever championship with number 26. Every championship I’ve raced in on my own I have always used that number.”

#31 Tasmin Pepper   

“My dad racing with this number, and I have raced with it for the past 20 years of racing.”

#11 Vicky Piria

“I was born the 11/11 and I feel like this number has always been with me through the karting days. It’s my lucky number and my strong connection to racing.

“I do not have many tattoos… just one, on my right foot (not a coincidence it’s the right foot…) and it’s a racing style number 11.”

#27 Alice Powell

“It was my number when I very first started karting.”

#3 Gosia Rdest

“When I did my first international karting season I took part in qualifying to European Karting Championship. To take part in free practice before the racing weekend you were supposed to have a sticker with any number at your kart. My mechanic didn’t know that, so we hadn’t have one and the stewards didn’t want to let us drive. My mechanic told me to run quickly to the bus and find some numbers so I could drive. I took completely randomly two times number 3. As it turned out later on the official list that was the number that was accidentally given to me for the upcoming racing weekend.

“After that racing weekend, I felt really connected with that number. I treat it as my lucky one. I have it on my helmet painted. I have it engraved on my necklace. I always treat it in a very special way. In terms of numerology, the number of my surname is 3.”

#99 Naomi Schiff  

“My preferred number is 99 because I have always raced with it and it’s my lucky number. It’s very symbolic to me as 9 + 9 adds up to the number 18, which is my birthday as well as the meaning of life in the Jewish religion.”

#95 Beitske Visser

1995 is the year that Beitske was born.                                             

#5 Fabienne Wohlwend        

“It’s been my lucky and driver number since I started racing.”

#20 Caitlin Wood       

“It was my racing number growing up when I was racing go-karts.”

Our reserve drivers have also chosen a race number which will be added to the car during their free practice appearances and if the opportunity to race becomes available.

#58 Sarah Bovy          

“58 looks like my initials (SB).”

#77 Vivien Keszthelyi

Vivien was born on the 7th of December and since the start of her career she has used the number 7 in many series such as the Audi R8 GT4 LMS Cup last year and the F3 Asian Championship Winter Series. Vivien also uses #V #7 in many of her social media posts.

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