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It’s been nearly one month since we launched W Series to the world. In that time, we’ve received over 100 applications from drivers to race with us in 2019, we’ve featured in countless media outlets and we’ve certainly stirred up conversation on women in motorsport.

We announced our ambitions with this video, challenging the normal perceptions of motorsport, women and racing.

We firmly believe that women and men can race one another on equal terms provided they are given the same opportunity.

At a time when most other female sports are growing exponentially, there are, in real terms, fewer women racing single-seater cars at the higher levels now than there were 10 years ago.

It is more than 40 years since a female driver last started a Formula 1 race, so something must change.

W Series will act as a catalyst for that change. From 2019 onwards it will give women the opportunity to race relevant cars on relevant tracks, giving them the relevant experience and qualifications to put them in contention for potential Formula 1 drives in the future.

This video explains more.

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